Work Process

Let’s get started

Here’s how it works, in 10 easy steps:


1. Prep work. I’ll ask questions, give you a few things to think about and send you off with a little homework. The more information you provide at the outset, the more smoothly the whole process will go.

2. Estimate. After discussing your homework, I’ll outline the scope of the project and create a cost estimate and timeline. A deposit of 50% gets the ball rolling.

3. Get an address. If you don’t already have one, we’ll register your website’s name (or URL) and set up it up on your existing hosting service or help you find one.

4. Pack up your stuff. You gather all the content, including text, photographs, logos, illustrations, etc. Or, at your request, we’ll contract with our network of freelancers to create any additional items you need.

5. Review the blueprint. I’ll draw a wireframe of your site, which will show you what elements go where. I’ll also diagram the flow of pages. This is the stage to make sure everything is present and accounted for.

6. Design. Time to pick out paint chips and window treatments. Based on all the information we’ve gathered, I’ll create a site design prototype for your review. Once this has been approved, I’ll provide three rounds of design edits, polishing it until it gleams!

7. Construction. I’ll build the site using WordPress and its big toolbox of plugins.

8. Inspection. Open and close all the doors. Flip the switches. Everything working as planned?

9. Move in. Make the site live for everyone to see.

10. Put out the welcome mat. Notify Google, Bing, and other search engines. Send invitations to everyone in your address book. And don’t forget to announce it through your social media channels.