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Girl’s Guide to Swagger

Girls Guilde to SwaggerOrganization Name: Girls Guide to Swagger

Industry: Publishing

Objectives: Author Cindy Brown has written a book all about girls and women who swagger at what they do. The publisher told her that they would not publish the book until they knew she had a following, so she wanted a website that would enable her to produce a following. She needed to be able to update it herself so she could keep it fresh.

Results: Cindy is definitely keeping this site fresh and she has gained quite a following. The website is filled with wonderful stories, poems and interviews with women who swagger, or have confidence in who they are and what they do. The site is built with WordPress, which makes it easy for Cindy to add new content and have it dynamically update different areas of the site. The design of the site was a collaboration between Hummingbird Design and Sidewalk Cafe Design.

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