Sidewalk Café Design exemplifies the creative energy shared in café culture: where ideas cross-pollinate, grand plans hatch, and breakthroughs happen. So, first we’ll listen to your vision, your business objectives and what you want your audience to do on your site. Then we’ll ask additional questions: Who is your target audience? Do you have a blog? Are search engine results critical to you? Will you be selling products on your website? What feeling do you want your site to convey? Starting with questions like these, we’ll help you discover the best options for creating or redesigning your website.

Eliana Berlfein, Founder

Before founding Sidewalk Café Design in 1998, I earned a master’s degree in educational technology, and spent 8 years as an instructional designer, designing educational software. This was great preparation for becoming a website designer! I specialize in website designs for small businesses and creative professionals, delivering sites that my clients say are intuitive, elegant, and help make their businesses more successful.

Boulder is a wonderful town with many lovely sidewalk cafés.  I would be happy to meet you out or have virtual coffee over the phone.

Feel free to give me a call at (720) 304-6467 or send an email, and we’ll start the conversation about the website you’ve always wanted.